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Loves coffee, music, wasting time and lazing ard...
Into history of the world, mankind, their mistakes and how they evolve thru the centuries.
Likes to reflect a lot thus this blog wld be a venue for my reflections and my perspective of life as I journey into wifehood and motherhood....

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013
It's time...
Time check... 3 Sept 2013... It's been soooooo long... Think its time...

Posted at Tuesday, September 03, 2013 by kamilin
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Status Check

Thank god its the school holidays! Though I still have to report to work at least I don't need to clock in by 7 am everyday... thats something to cheer about right?...

Oh well... I have been trying to find time to do an update but then... Nothing interesting enough worthy of blogging except for the normal whining about school and work and etc... Serious... work is ... a bitch (not because the place is crawling with these things hehehe...) but rather I am faced with a lot of challenges... but I think at the end of the day... I would rather think about my family and my personal life. All I need to do is just go with the flow and just wait for the time to clock out... then its home sweet home. Why stress ourselves out rite?

Ok... The main purpose for this update is really to do a reflection of sorts... kinda a status check of my Top 5 list of 'Must do' list by the end of May 2010...Its already June 1st now so lets see....

1) Dust off the cobwebs and renovate this sooooo outdated blog.(Check!) Yeay... its still the same template and colour but at least its updated!!!

2) Learn to make cupcakes (Er... I've bought all the ingredients needed to make 'em... so lets consider it halfway done...

3) Create a daily schedule I MUST stick to. (muahahaha.... err..pass)

4) Read a book.(hmm... school textbook? yes... hehe.. )

5) Pick up a hobby. (This is hard...But for now let's say I've picked up a hobby thats not really making me an efficient worker but hey... I am having fun so that is whats important) If you have an iphone or itouch, download 'We Rule'... I'm addicted so what can I say...

So there goes... how I rank myself? 2.5 out of 5... not too good but at least I pass.. BUT hopefully this June wld be a better month for me. Hope dad will return my laptop to me so that I have no more excuse not to update regularly... hahaha...

see how la...


Posted at Tuesday, June 01, 2010 by kamilin
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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Much needed spring cleaning...

What else is new eh?

Last entry dated in 08' with promises of updates and all... time check... it now almost halfway into 2010 with nothing to show... typical Kimmy...

However I hope now things would be different. After enjoying 4 months long maternity leave (Yes! I got 2 kids now!!!) Kinda did some reflection of sorts... gotta focus and managed my time and my life better... So many things I want to do... so many things I want to learn... so many things I should do...

Today, I shall make the first move. Below would be the list of things I need to do for a start. Maybe along the way once I get the hang of things I would add more... But one thing is for sure... change is indeed inevitable... this blog will no longer be just about me... I want to dedicate this blog to my life journey as a wife and a mother of two beautiful princesses...Let's see how things go...

Top 5 list of 'Must do' list by the end of May 2010...

1) Dust off the cobwebs and renovate this sooooo outdated blog.

2) Learn to make cupcakes

3) Create a daily schedule I MUST stick to.

4) Read a book.

5) Pick up a hobby. (This is hard...)

Realistic enough? Hope so... let's see my progress in two weeks time...



Posted at Thursday, May 13, 2010 by kamilin
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